Clean Electricity Program

I'm asking if you will commit to voting NO on the upcoming reconciliation bill unless it includes a Clean Electricity Payment Program (CEPP). This program is essential to reducing America's carbon emissions, and also to convincing the rest of the world that America is taking climate change seriously. Without this clean electricity program America will not be able to leverage other countries into making similarly strong carbon reduction commitments in the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in November.

Currently Joe Manchin opposes the CEPP (as reported by nytimes and also by politico's Morning Energy which is "Presented by Chevron" 😡), and the white house is reportedly rewriting the bill to remove the CEPP. We need senators to commit to only supporting the reconciliation bill if it includes CEPP. It's worth mentioning that the Manchin family owns a coal company and that the senator himself make roughly 1/2 a million dollars off of this company just last year.

NOTE: The $3.5T reconciliation bill will either pass fulfilling the bulk of Biden's agenda or fail along with Democrats chances in 2022.

This bill is likely the only chance at meaningful legislative action on anything before 2022, including climate change.